Integrating Technology With Your K-12 Classroom

Why do we need to integrate technology with a K-12 classroom? Many schools and colleges are using or in the process of implementing various online technologies and solutions to enhance communication amongst students. According to the educational authority, it is the students at large who are demanding the introduction of highly advanced technology in the classroom.

Let's look at the type of technology that is most used or preferred in a K-12 class.

Social Media Websites

There is a good reason for using popular social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and so on. They help in a qualitative exchange of ideas and thoughts with friends or business colleagues. Many schools in the U.S. have allowed their students to browse through social media sites during class hours. The schools believe that it motivates students to search for relevant course related topics and parallel websites that can help them perform better in their K-12 classes.

Educational Blogs

K-12 educational institutions encourage their attendees to set up individual blogs in WordPress or Blogspot to post essays, short stories, etc. Teachers often monitor such blogs, helping students to write more effective posts on a regular basis. In this way, learners can share their personal educational experiences and moments with their peers and teachers.

Using Google Earth

Geography teachers can use "Google Earth", a prominent virtual globe and mapping application to educate students about the world. Learners can use Google Earth to locate different countries, rivers, seas, etc. that will encourage them gain knowledge quickly. They can use these skills to perform better in their monthly or annual geography tests and survey sheets.

Scratch Application

Teachers can use "Scratch", an online application to engage students in real-time. You can create exciting games and learning blocks via this application to let the participants solve them within the given time. Scratch acts as a great learning tool for K-12 students.

Create or Share Videos

You can create a short video with concise texts and lots of images for making the students easily understand a specific learning topic or assignment. You can share interesting educational videos from YouTube with your K-12 class. Finding and sharing important videos with the learners can help them to learn a lesson faster and more easily.


The rising popularity of mobile devices, especially iPad has led many schools to seriously consider allowing their students to use one. iPads are easy to carry and can be used to browse through websites, videos, etc. These devices can be used to connect with the class from a remote location. For example, a student who can't attend school due to illness can participate in the lesson via his/her iPad.

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