Preparing For The First Day Of School

Teachers spend weeks preparing a classroom for the first day of school. The room needs to be cleaned and all of the furniture arranged properly. It is also a stressful time, because a large amount teacher supplies must be purchased before the year begins. It can be easy to forget some of the most essential teaching tools because so many other areas need attention. New teachers can sometimes underestimate exactly what is needed when faced with a classroom that has no supplies and only minimal furniture.

Basic Supplies That Are Needed

The most basic teacher supplies that are needed include markers, tape, hole punches and glue. Rulers, paper and folders are usually good to have. Rooms with a whiteboard or blackboard will need chalk or dry-erase markers along with an eraser for the board. Notebooks are important to have on hand to record events in the classroom and to keep track of the performance and behavior of the students. It can also be useful to start the school year with a supply of poster board, paints and crayons that can be used for art projects. Young children might enjoy having clay or putty around so they are able to create three-dimensional shapes.

Organization Is Important

All classrooms require as much organization as possible. This can be done on a small level by having a large selection of folders available for paper, plastic or cardboard bins for supplies and some containers that can be used for trash. Items that are used for classroom storage should be placed in areas where the children can easily access the contents if needed but not in an area where the bin could be knocked over or where it could create a distraction. It is usually advisable to have some classroom storage that is off-limits to children such as a filing cabinet, a high shelf or a locking bin. This will provide a safe place for official documents, sharp items like scissors and expensive supplies like glitter.

Fun Items For the Classroom

It is always important to step back from buying basic functional supplies and purchase fun items that make the room seem lively. These can include posters, maps and other colorful decorations that can be hung on the walls. It can also be useful to have pre-printed awards to be filled out and given to the children as a sign of appreciation throughout the school year. Holiday and seasonal decorations are a good idea to stock up on at the beginning of the year because they can become more expensive to purchase elsewhere as the actual date of the holiday approaches.

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