Some Simple Yet Highly Effective Fundraising Ideas for K12 Schools

School fundraisers provide great opportunities to the faculty to collect funds easily and quickly. Fundraisers also help schools work toward the betterment of the society in order to ensure all students stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. Many K12 schools arrange fundraising campaigns around food and beverages to spread optimistic health messages and emphasize on the nourishment lessons that they teach in the K12 classes. However, there are other schools that prefer to sell non-food items to collect maximum dollars for their social and developmental activities.

Let's now look at some of the highly effective fundraising ideas for K12 schools that are easy to organize and yield positive results in fetching millions of dollars.

Food Item-based Fundraising Ideas

Pancake Breakfast

You can begin the Saturday or Sunday morning by offering individuals a pancake breakfast. It is a great way of collecting funds for your school!

Baked Pizza Sale

Another great K12 school fundraising idea can be selling freshly baked pizzas. Both young and aged people enjoy taking a bite on delicious, hot pizzas. Schools can set up a stall in the playground on a fine Sunday morning or evening to start selling thin-crust or deep-dish pizzas to attract interested buyers.

Dough Cookies Sale

K12 classes can easily start selling different types of cookies, such as oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, and more to help your school collect as much funds as possible.

Ice Cream Treat

Ask your parents and friends to join in for a lovely ice cream treat. Try to offer some of the most liked flavors and set a reasonable price for each. It will help you collect a large amount of money within a small period of time.

Non-food Item-based Fundraising Ideas

Greeting Cards

Try to offer your guests something beautiful and special by selling greeting cards at a moderate price. Individuals, especially the teenagers like to buy colorful greeting cards for various occasions, be it for Friendship Day, Rose Day, Mother's Day or Christmas.

Picture Frames

You can sell magnetic photo frames, magnetic notepad sets, and handcrafted and nicely hand painted boot and family tree photo frames to individuals and organizations.


Selling jewelry is an exciting form of organizing a fundraiser. Try to sell various kinds of trendy jewelry (earrings, necklace, bangles, and so on) that ladies especially love to wear in parties and such other social occasions.

Earth Candles

An excellent way to raise funds for your K12 school is to try selling eco-friendly candles. More and more people have started using recycled products to support sustainability issue. Schools can, therefore, create candles made of recycled paper to sell to environmentally conscious people.

Recycled Pencil Sale

Many educational institutes sell recycled pencils to support the 'Go Green' campaign as well as collect money for their cause. Students can start selling different kinds (colored, peppermint) of scented pencils that are produced from recycled newspapers to easily and quickly raise funds for their organization.

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