The Benefits of Long-Term Home-Tutor Use

Getting a well-rounded education means studying a wide variety of subject matter. Imagine the limitations of only studying those subjects at which you excel! So for many students there is at least one problematic subject that causes them consistent strife throughout their school years. Rather than allowing your child to suffer through their education consistently relying on the traditional educational model of classroom tutelage consider hiring them a private tutor (in home, or online). The benefits of long-term tutor education include:

One-on-One Attention

One of the greatest down falls of today's public schools (and even some private ones as well) is the class sizes. In many public schools today your child might be sharing one teacher with as many as 30 students. In this setting it is difficult if not impossible for your child to receive specialized attention that is tailored to their specific problem areas. With a private tutor your child should receive one-on-one attention that is all about their learning, making it easier for the tutor to zone in on their problem areas and help them find solutions. Sometimes all a child needs is for someone to assess why their having difficulty understanding a problem and helping them work through it in a way that fits with their thinking.

Consistent Aid

For example, one-time Algebra Tutoring might temporarily solve a student's problems in a given subject but long-term attention can be truly beneficial in the long run. As your child goes through school many of the subjects will gradually increase in difficulty, so one-time tutoring might help them clear the hurdle at hand while not necessarily preparing them for future changes in the subject matter. For instance, a child who is performing badly in math, even if at pre-algebra level, might see improved scores with temporary tutoring only to fall behind again the next year when the subject matter becomes more advanced. Keeping your child in long-term tutoring with a tutor who truly understands their best learning approaches means success in the long run as they'll always have that tutor's aid to help them as the problems become more advanced. After years of tutoring in a given subject they'll eventually master the best problem-solving skills with relation to their poorest subject.

Helping your child succeed at school in the early years of education will not only propel them through their childhood, it will give them the skills and knowledge that they need to eventually continue on to an institution of higher learning. By providing a tutor, whether that's an algebra tutor, English tutor, or someone to help you or your child read, to give them one-on-one, specialized attention that is attuned to their specific needs and deficiencies your not only helping them pass to the next grade, you're helping them learn skills that can be used over a lifetime of learning.

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Written be Rob Nightingale of Stepping Stone Tutors, providing in home and online tutors to states across the US for GED, K12, ASVAB, K14, K16 students, specialising in many subjects including math, algebra, reading, science, English, french etc

Effective Lesson Plans for Reading

As an instructor of English (reading, writing, lit, creative writing, etc.) and as an online course developer, I have found many valuable teacher resources for linguistic, literary, and rhetorical disciplines. Specifically for education and none for teaching in general, and a great many more with lesson plans for reading. Many of the lesson plans for reading are laid out so well that they will include peer work suggestions, interactive games and quizzes and maps, and dynamic and thorough strategies for cross-referencing studies.

As an example I used THE TIME MACHINE one semester. After a few decent lesson plans for reading, I found an incredible sight that was an invaluable resource that told me everything I needed to know about the author and his motivation for his work this was a wonderful resource, doing great justice to the writer, the work, and to students who are offered pre-reading, reading, and post-reading tasks and activities (as well as writing ideas/prompts). Here it is: The Time Machine High School Teacher's Resource Page(s) - Http:// james.van.pelt/wells/ timemachine.htm .

Yet another great example is for Harper Lee's classic. For lesson plans for reading TO KILL a MOCKINGBIRD, I started at; and went on with the incredible chapter-by-chapter synopsis of vocabulary words with The Student Survival Guide which is located here at this URL:; and concluded by taking advantage of some outstanding lesson plans for reading found at SCORE, the site designed and run by Schools of California Online Resources for Educators.

For lesson plans for reading Achebe's THINGS FALL APART, I was able to locate a fantastic pre-reading historical, anthropological, and cartological exercises at the following location This resource is broken down in a five-part cyber guide is basically set up as an informative piece for weeks and weeks of pre-, during-, and post-reading work.

And for lesson plans for reading, pre-reading, interim reading, and post-reading tasks, experiments, peer-work, and quizzes and tests, I found such sites as those sponsored, designed, and maintained by educators at all levels--at;;;; staff/dehogue/AP/teachers/main.htm;;;;; and to be absolutely exquisite resources that were extremely helpful.

A great advantage of the Internet is the fact that there are so many outstanding lesson plans for reading, writing, and any other discipline. Usually designed, written, and submitted by fellow instructors, these materials lend themselves to professional development, and our excellent for stimulating thought and discussion inside the classroom, or virtual classroom if that's the case is outstanding as an aid to learning of concepts, strategies, methodologies, and skills. Hopefully these resources that I've shared for you will not only help you find lesson plans for reading but also many other valuable resources

Morgan Hamilton offers his findings and insights regarding the world of education. You can get interesting and informative information here at Lesson Plans for Reading []

Top 5 Advantages of Using a Moodle LMS Connector

Educational institutes in various cities and states use Moodle, the largest and the most popular LMS platform to create and manage classes online. Many organizations offering vocational courses, such as violin classes, dance classes, and so on, also use Moodle LMS to provide a true learning environment to interested attendees. However, your task doesn't end in creating online classes alone. You have to also ensure increased attendance to these classes for maximizing your ROI.

A Moodle LMS connector is used by millions of organizations to streamline their class/course registrations and payment management solutions. A Moodle LMS connector is an apparatus that leads not only to effective management of all administrative tasks, but also leads to 24x7 synchronization of all students and teachers' data.

Let's have a look at the top 5 advantages of using a Moodle LMS connector.

Automatic Bi-directional Integration of Data

Moodle connectors are mainly used to enjoy seamless, automatic bi-directional flow of information and records between the Moodle platform and the online registration solution.

Reduces Manual Tasks

There is no need to engage personnel for transferring information from the LMS platform database to that of your organization. The connector automates the procedure and thus, eliminates the need to manually re-enter registrations, payments, and such other forms of information into your enterprise database.

Easily Create and Manage Online Registration and Accept Payments

Moodle LMS connectors have made it easy and simple to manage registrations for your K12, college, and university classes. The online registration solution lets organizers instantly create and publish registration forms in a few minutes. Online registration forms can be accessed anytime by people who wish to register for participating in one or more educational/vocational classes. Web-based payments management solution allows you to accept registration fees from students via credit cards, PayPal, VeriSign, and other similar payment gateways. Most online payment management solutions are PCI-compliant, ensuring no Credit Card detail is leaked to any third party.

Access to Online Catalogs

Institutes can use a connector to allow present and potential students view all course catalogs from the Moodle platform itself. Online registration software allows people to easily register their names on-spot without opening your organization's website to do the same. You can also automatically generate course catalogs on Moodle and then link it to your website.

Cost-effective Solution

Moodle connectors come at a nominal price. You don't have to buy any software or hardware to use the connector. Moreover, it can help you save labor costs to a great extent, as the sign up and payments processing can be done online without using paper or recruiting personnel.

Jonathan is a professional trainer. He employs latest technology for online class registration and online training registration that results in more attendance and ROI.